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Supply Lists


2nd Grade Supply List

**$10 Supply Fee and $10 Technology Fee due to your homeroom teacher**

1-zipper pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

4-glue sticks

72-Ticonderoga brand sharpened No. 2 pencils (plain pencils only please; no designs or colors)

3-boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

1-Crayola 8 count broad line markers-classic colors (no neon colors)

2-plastic pocket folders with brads (1 blue and 1 green)

2 1-inch white 3-ring binders

2-composition notebook

1-package of 5 tab dividers (preferred brand “Write on Tabs”)

1-package of wide ruled notebook paper

1-pack pink pearl erasers

12-black Expo markers (thin)

1-pair Fiskar brand scissors

2-yellow highlighters

2-boxes of tissue

1-roll of paper towels

Girls: 1-package colored printer paper, 1-box quart-sized Ziploc bags

Boys: 1-pack 4” post-it notes, 1-box gallon-sized Ziploc bags


3rd Grade Supply List

**$10 Supply Fee and $10 technology fee due to your homeroom teacher**

1- 3 ring, pencil pouch (no art boxes)

2-box of Crayola crayons (24 count)

2- Crayola 8 count fine tip markers-classic colors (no neon colors)

1- pair Fiskar brand scissors

2-packages of pencil top erasers

4-glue sticks

72-Ticondaroga brand sharpened, No. 2 pencils (plain pencils only please, no designs or colors)

16- Expo, black, fine tip dry erase markers

1-package of 3x5 index cards (100 count)

1- 5 Star Brand plastic 2 pocket/3 prong folder (any color)

1-package, wide ruled notebook paper

2- composition notebook

2- 1 inch, 3 ring binders

1-package of heavy duty page protectors (minimum of 25)

1- pair of headphones

2-boxes of tissue                                                                    

1-roll of paper towels

Girls- 1 box, gallon size Ziploc bags

Boys- 1 package sticky notes

*Optional: 1 box, quart size Ziploc bags*